Protective cover for watches produced by NESworkshop. The cover is universal and is suitable for different civilian/sports/military watches (with a diameter of up to 55mm and a strap up to 30mm wide).

  • Helps protect your watch from mechanical stress. You can choose a soft protective cover or a version with a hard protection (Polycarbonate 1.5mm). The version with hard protection is relevant for extreme conditions, when there is a high probability of damaging the screen of your watch, especially if it is touch-sensitive.
  • The cover allows you to hide the screen from the glare of the sun, thereby removing unmasking glare. Very relevant for the military and hunters.
  • When purchasing, you can choose the method of opening the protective cover (Velcro – a noisy but simple method, suitable for everyday wear, sports. ShockCord – silent opening. Very important for the military and hunters.)


  • All materials made in USA
  • Selling only cover (Watch, Glock is not included)
  • Constructed of 500D Cordura® tactical nylon (varied pattern)

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Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 110 × 60 × 20 mm


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